Representative Ose (R) and his friend Representative Smith (also R) have introduced a bill (HR 3687) to amend section 1464 of title 18, United States Code, to provide for the punishment of certain profane broadcasts, and for other purposes. As it stand Section 1464. Broadcasting obscene language reads: Whoever uttersContinue Reading

I don’t want to talk about freaks being charged with crimes, embassies being bombed, Austrians as governor. No, this entry is dedicated to a few of the random spots I’ve found myself visiting on the World Wide Web (and that’s what having a bLog is all about, isn’t it…) FirstContinue Reading

Well, I took my car in for some major work and I have taken to riding the bus. First off I must mention that I work two-and-a-half miles down a single road from home, and have to take two busses to get to work. That pretty much exemplifies the SantaContinue Reading

I like the concept of being loyal to a brand, especially if the brand has worked for you in the past. But it is really difficult if no one stocks it. In this case, I was in the need of a new VCR – but didn’t have a lot ofContinue Reading

It’s the first day of fall, Indian Summer is keeping me in the air conditioned building where I work. This allows me to not only get my work done, but also to ponder some of the weird things in life – like this: I work in a television station, andContinue Reading

I can’t believe that I missed this story over the past year, but the US Government has finally decided to put some color into it’s money. They’re starting off with a peach $20. So now the phrase “Give me a peach, I’m hungry” could mean that you want the fruitContinue Reading

Well, I haven’t really had much to say in a while. Glad to hear that FOX News dropped it’s ridiculous law suit against Al Franken. Arnie’s been egged – now he’s a politician… Just finally finished watching Spooks (MI5 in the US, silly A&E…) Again, I keep having the needContinue Reading

Sheesh… I missed “Fair and Balanced Day” on Friday. This was, I gather, supposed to be a net-wide protest against FOX News’ lawsuit against Al Franken (I bet Rush Limbaugh is kicking himself for not doing that, but then again “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot”…) The whole thingContinue Reading

Some days I love to just hand out awards to people. Ok… I don’t actually have that power, but if I did I’d certainly award Les for his signatures on his post on the newsgroup entitled “Sci Fi… Childish?” There were two of them in his post: 1) “OhContinue Reading

I take my title for my first entry from the jingle for the faux commercial from “Ren & Stimpy” for the product called Log (can you say run-on?) This was supposed to be a silly intro to my web log (or as the kids these days call it: bLog!) SoContinue Reading