Well, not surprisingly, Dexter is having electrical problems.  Not terribly unusual, considering Lucas Electrics is widely known as The Prince of Darkness. The problem first surfaced in early December, when my radio started to act up.  This was not the first time I’ve had this problem, specifically the sound fizzlingContinue Reading

Well it’s been a while since I’ve put down some words about Dexter, the right handed Mini. In fact it’s been well over a year, and I know that there’s been a few things that have happened to my little car… In January (of 2007, since it is nearly JanuaryContinue Reading

Dexter has been through quite a bit since my last entry in July. On 17 July, Dexter received his second bath. On 23 July, his coolant system was attended to with new hoses all around and new fluids. Also Dexter had his long over due oil change. The old cartridgeContinue Reading

Quite of bit of time, in fact! Dexter has had a lot going on, so let me fill you in on some of the highlights. June 25: Dexter’s longest trip to date (approximately 100 miles round trip!) It included nice twisty-turney mountainous roads. Lots of fun, and Dexter is alsoContinue Reading

Dexter is back on the road, after a brief battle with the ignition system. I thought I was being clever and inspecting the condition of Dexter’s ignition wires, but one of them was so corroded that the contacts remained in the distributor cap. This happened Sunday morning. Parts ordered MondayContinue Reading