A “No” vote on CA Proposition 8 will annul no marriages. A “Yes” vote on CA Proposition 8 will annul over 10,000 marriages (many with kids.) Which vote is REALLY “protecting marriage”? (NOTE: Each and every single vote WILL count. There is no “electoral college” for referendums.) re-posted from KPRoche’sContinue Reading

So, when one goes to a park to listen to some music, read a book and watch one’s spouse (and friends) doing some hooping – because 08/08/08 was World Hoop Day – one would expect not to be bothered (except for the people intrigued by the hooping, of which thereContinue Reading

No, I’m not referring to the merger between the two largest Independent Television companies in the U.K. I am referring to the fact that at 8:05 PM, the news was already forecasting a Governor Ah-nuld. 8:05 PM!!! Give me a break… Only one percent of the precincts were reporting atContinue Reading

Jello Biafra (of the Punk Band the Dead Kennedy’s) got two chances so far on this song about California governors. First with Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown (now Mayor of Oakland.) Then again, in the early nineties, when he produced the Disposable Heroes of Hip-Hopricy version about Pete (not the anchor man)Continue Reading