Current employment

The Villages Golf and Country Club
San Jose, CA

2015-Current: Communications Coordinator

Previous Employment

Guggenheim Entertainment
San Jose, CA

2012-2015: Webmaster, Box Office & Business Manager

Northern California Public Broadcasting
(formerly KTEH-TV Foundation.)
San Jose, CA

2005-2009: Broadcast Scheduling Manager
2000-2005: Continuity Coordinator
1998-2005: Traffic Coordinator
1997-2004: Master Control Air-Operator (relief only from 1998-2004)

Originally hired as an Air-Operator, moved into Traffic within 8 months, though I continued to serve as a vacation relief operator for six more years. In the fall of 2000 took on the responsibility of the scheduling of on-air promos and filler material. As of 2005, title changed to reflect the addition of program scheduling. Plus I also do some periodic on-air pledge pitching, and occasional continuity announcements.

San Louis Obispo, CA

1996-1997: Sales Clerk

Theatre Service
Santa Rosa, CA

1995-1996: Oaks 5, Cupertino – Manager
1994-1995: Southshore Cinemas, Alameda – Assistant Manager

MTS, Inc
Sacramento, CA

1993-1995: Tower Records, Emeryville – Sales Clerk, Deposit Clerk

Espresso Roma Corp
Berkeley, CA

1991-1993: Graphitti, Berkeley – Sales Clerk, Manager

Syufy Enterprises
San Francisco, CA

1990: Century 10, Emeryville – Usher, Projection
1989: Century 25, San Jose – Usher, Assistant Manager

Crown Books
Santa Clara, CA

1989: Los Altos – Assistant Manager
1988: Sunnyvale – Assistant Manager
1986-1988: Westgate, San Jose – Sales Clerk

Summer of 1986 I made bagel chips, and in 1985 I worked for 2 days as a bus boy.
I also was a paper boy in 1983 (kid’s these days don’t get to do that anymore.)


Foothill College
Los Altos Hills, CA

2009-2013: (AS) Web Programming, (AS) Web Administration, General Education

DeAnza College
Cupertino, CA

1995: Film History
1987-1989: Film/TV Production, Photography, Computer Graphics

Laney College
Oakland, CA

1990-1995: Photography, Audio Production, Desktop Publishing

Los Gatos High School
Los Gatos, CA

1985-1989: TV Production, Photography, General Education

Other Experience

KFJC-89.7 FM
San Jose, CA

2010-Present: Disk Jockey

Slilconventions, ltd.
San Jose, CA

2004-2011: SiTV Manager and Scheduler 

Artistic Solutions
San Jose, CA

1997-2002: Income Book Keeper 
Handling all income receipts of the convention.

1999-2002: BCTV Manager and Scheduler 
Scheduled CCTV channel for convention, and coordinated shooting schedule ofpanel and events

KALX-90.7 FM
Berkeley, CA

1992-1995: On Air Programmer
Fancy name for a Disc Jockey. Selected music, engineered and announced 3-hour long radio programs.

1992-1995: Film Close Ups – Engineer, Reviewer, Producer
Started as engineer for weekly broadcast. Periodic review of movies. Produced other review segments, and coordinated ticket give-away with local theatres.

1993-1995: Programmers Review Committee
Reviewed other programmers (DJ) and awarded year long broadcast slots.

1992-1995: Spot Producer
Produced a variety of Promos, PSA, and co-promotion spots for use on-air.

1991-1992: News – Copywriter, Reporter, Anchor, Engineer
Wrote stories from variety of sources, occasionally acting as reporter and as anchor. Also served as broadcast engineer for newscasts.

UC Media Services
Berkeley, CA

1991-1993: Journalism School News Program: Camera, Audio, Technical Director

San Jose, CA

1986-1988: (volunteer) Camera Operator, Chyron

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