If you took a look at my Say Cheese section, you will see that I am a self proclaimed lactovore. This means that I eat a lot of cheese.

Another thing that I consider myself to be is an anti-vegetarian. That’s not to say I’ve not eaten plants. I’ve been known to eat lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers – ok salads. A lot of vegetarians tend to believe that people should not kill others in order to eat, but appear to have no qualms about ripping bits off of other life forms (and in some cases ripping out their reproductive systems!) So, just because plants are not part of the animal kingdom, vegetarians feel they have the moral right to exclusively consume them.

Just because you can’t hear a plant scream when you rip it’s leaves off (or pull it’s roots out, or tear it’s ovaries off) doesn’t mean that it can not feel pain. Just because a species doesn’t behave in a familiar way to humans, doesn’t automatically put it into a special category that allows for the torture, maiming and killing of it’s members without feeling any guilt. If you are going to feel guilty about eating animals, then you should feel guilty about eating plants.

Cutesy Carrot, spokes-vegetable for the Bolder Vegetable Rights Association.

So, if you’ve looked at the This Week section, you can look at the sort of things that I eat (quite often on a regular and repetitive basis.)

Dairy tends to be on the top of my list, primarily cheese. There used to be a time when I’d eat a brick of cheese like a candy bar. Milk and ice cream are also consumed, though I do not add butter to things (I have no problem with things being made with butter.)

Meat is a big part – primarily hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwich meats (a.k.a. things that go with cheese.) I don’t eat ham for the same reason I don’t eat a lot of vegetables – the taste , but I will eat other pig based products. I’ve pretty much stuck with the primary meats – Cow, Bird, Fish, Pig, Lamb – mostly because I don’t frequent establishments that do the more exotic animals (Ostrich, Emu, Bison, &c…) which is fine, as they are probably more expensive. Though, speaking of expensive, one culinary vice (other than cheese) that I have is Sushi! I tend to go for Salmon and Tuna, but have eaten other fishes. As this can get very expensive, I tend to eat sushi less frequently (and usually with chicken teriyaki.)

Other food stuffs: Breads (mainly bread and tortillas) Cereals (Life, Cheerios) Snacks (crackers, chocolate, cookies) Drink-wise, I keep away from caffeine – so it’s mostly water, tea, root beer (not Barques!), Sprite, and fruit drinks.

Well, that’s my eating habits in a nutshell. I’ll probably die of a massive coronary in a few years, but at least I’ll have enjoyed my diet – instead of worrying about it. If I come back as a cow, do me medium rare please :o)

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