What goes down stairs…

I take my title for my first entry from the jingle for the faux commercial from “Ren & Stimpy” for the product called Log (can you say run-on?) This was supposed to be a silly intro to my web log (or as the kids these days call it: bLog!) So basically, I’m just trying to say “Hello” and “Welcome.” This will probably end up taking over for my “This Week” section – which was just a look at the repetition in my life – but probably will not be added to every day.

So, what have I done today? Well, I did that thing I go to almost every day… Work! Then I came home to the oven I live in (south and west facing windows only, that’s not a way to keep cool in the summer…) and watched an episode of “Spooks” a friend gave me. Now for those of you Stateside, that will be “MI5” on A&E starting next week. Good, but I started with the series 2 premiere. Now I want to go back and watch “Sandbaggers” which is a really good series about a MI5 special ops division. I also finished up some layout work on the bLog.

So that’s it for today. Hope you all keep cool out there (unless you are too cold, then keep warm.) Also, feel free to comment on any of my postings.