I really haven’t had much drive to update this site for a while. For the past three years I’ve been back in school – in fact, the last time I wrote anything substantial was about the end of my first term. The first year of classes was me just takingContinue Reading

Okay…  It’s been widely believed that famous deaths always come in threes.  It’s just apophenia – the tendency of human minds to see patterns where none exist.  That being said, however, these three came fast and furiously: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett (nee Majors) and – as a complete shock –Continue Reading

On this Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you…) I realize that I have now been unemployed for a full quarter of the year – 13 whole weeks.  I’ve had some highs recently (a face to face interview) and some lows (a temp agency had no interest inContinue Reading

Two months on, and still nowhere.  It’s early days yet, and with the first month having been a sort of vacation we’re not worrying yet.  Learning that you need to know people – or at least know people who know people.  So if you know me, and you know otherContinue Reading

I’ve been on a vacation of sorts for the month of February, and now it’s time to call an end to it – in a way… For those of you who I see or converse with on some sort of regular basis know that I was laid off at theContinue Reading

It was weird.   I have a curious habit in that if I like the song I’m listening to on the car stereo when I park, I’ll cue it up for when I start off again.  This particular morning I was pulling into work listening to The Times playing “IContinue Reading