Current Status: Airs Sunday, 29 June, 2003 at 11:00pm

Computer Animation Collection pictured: Luxo Jr. (right) in “Surprise” ©Odyssey Productions American Public Television/Syndication

Odyssey Into the Minds Eye – Computer Animation Festival

The hour-long Odyssey Into the Mind’s Eye pairs a soaring original score from Kerry Livgren, founder and former guitarist of the legendary rock group Kansas, with the ultimate in state-of-the-art computer imagery.

Also included in the collection are 22 short films, with a wide variety of whimsical and imaginative subjects, created by award-winning computer animation artists from around the world. In Card Trick, the Two of Clubs card longs to be a King. Seeking a state of uninterrupted slumber, Sleepy Guy attempts to meet and spend eight hours of bliss with the woman of his dreams. A worm with a space ship is convinced that the planets and moon are made out of candy in Chocolate. The Fat Cat on a Diet has his mind set on a slice of pizza. In Fly Hard, a penguin is determined to fly south with the geese.


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