dVillage.org has now been converted to its third blogging system. When I first launched this site I used MoveableType, which was a page based blog. Then I decided to move over to Joomla, a database based content management system. I really haven’t been paying too much attention to this site,Continue Reading

I really haven’t had much drive to update this site for a while. For the past three years I’ve been back in school – in fact, the last time I wrote anything substantial was about the end of my first term. The first year of classes was me just takingContinue Reading

A DWMV is a Doctor Who Music Video.  I’ve made a few in my life, but they were always matching up an existing song (eg: Pressure by Billy Joel) and cutting clips from the series.  This, on the other hand, is an original Doctor Who song (like Doctor..? by BloodContinue Reading

Okay…  It’s been widely believed that famous deaths always come in threes.  It’s just apophenia – the tendency of human minds to see patterns where none exist.  That being said, however, these three came fast and furiously: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett (nee Majors) and – as a complete shock –Continue Reading

It doesn’t really reveal much, and the wife-unit’s initial reaction was “They obviously don’t have much to show, so they’re not showing much…”  But then again, it is a teaser trailer and at least tells us that November is the date we’re waiting for…Continue Reading