Current status: Last aired February 1995

ITC/Carlton 1979-1982

The time-hopping adventures of two agents with super-human powers. Set in a world in which the future and past collide and time overturns reality, Sapphire and Steel captures your consciousness and takes you to altered states. Eerie, frightening forces are at work? Only Sapphire and Steel (Joanna Lumley and David McCallum) can stop the strange events and restore natural order to the universe. Sapphire and Steel are two superhuman agents assigned to safeguard the structure of Time. With uncanny powers they protect the present from invading evils of the past and future. Their spine-tingling supernatural missions take them to an invisible penthouse that arrives from 1500 years in the future, where an innocent baby instantly transforms into a menacing, fully-grown man. Or to a remote, abandoned railway station that clamours with restless spirits in search of eternal peace. Even to a party where bizarre science fiction murders stretch the imagination and boggle the mind. Saphire and Steel breaks through the barriers of time on a journey to unknown dimensions, and is an unforgettable sci-fi excursion with tantalizing, time-warped adventures to mysterious, unknown dimensions…

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