It’s been a couple of weeks since the big ride, so it was time to hop on the saddle again… Actually, the so called saddle’s cover had to be replced, as the original got a big tear in it from the Big Ride.My girlfriend and I decided to bike toContinue Reading

Today, the big ride. Well a real rider would consider this to be a cake walk, but myself being an out of shape kind of rider makes this a big one. We set off form my girlfriend’s place to ride 3.5 miles, to a wedding reception at Vasona Park inContinue Reading

It’s been over a year since I rode my bike. My girlfriend and I had been talking about meeting up half way between our homes. We decided to take a simpler approach: We transported my bike to her place, and rode together.Today was just a test ride around the blockContinue Reading

Well, I did it again. Just a quick little ride around the Rose Garden/Midtown/Burbank area of San Jose. No destination, just a complete circuit (can’t say it was even a circle or rectangle…) Total Miles: 2.2 Spent: $0.00Continue Reading

It’s been winter, and I’ve moved and now it’s suddenly spring (or summer.) I haven’t been on my bicycle since mid October – as you can see from this very bLog. I’ve needed to replace the battery in my portable phone, and was told where they might be procured (theyContinue Reading

Not wanting to do a burger again tonight, I decided to bike to Japantown – where I had a chicken teriyaki happy boat (chicken teriyaki with a california roll and 4 different pieces of sushi) at Kazoo! Total Miles: 2.0 Spent: $21.00Continue Reading

Guess I just can’t be bothered to ride every day, but I did get back out for a ride to the Johnny Rockets at the downtown pavilion. I had the Smoke House (a bacon cheese burger with BBQ sauce) and a strawberry-banana milk shake. Total Miles: 2.8Spent: $12.00Continue Reading

September was just a big ball of time-sucking. Hopefully October will prove to be better for biking. Tonight I rode back out to San Pedro Square for dinner, where I had a half-chicken and a salad with lemonade at the Sonoma Chicken Coop. The wine sauce (Coop au Vin) wasContinue Reading

Bought a new chain for the bike, and then (eventually) rode to dinner – this time going back to Japantown for some sushi & chicken teriyaki at Kazoo (a favorite stop of mine.) Total Miles: 2.0Spent: $22.66 (plus $9.69 for the chain…)Continue Reading

Biked out to San Pedro Square again, for the last of the weekly dinner and movie extravaganzas. Dinner at Peggy Sue’s again. Same as last time (Porky Pig and a Strawberry and Banana Milkshake.) Ate out on the patio where I saw some… “Damn dirty apes!!!” This was to beContinue Reading