The April 2006 music CD is just a random collection of songs acquired over the past few months. 1 Air – Alpha Beta Gaga2 William Shatner – Common People 3 Nerina Pallot – Everybody’s Gone To War4 Louis XIV – God Killed The Queen5 G4 – Bohemian Rhapsody 6 JayContinue Reading

This month sees my first double cd set. I’ve Got You Covered was a concept that had long been in the back of my mind. In fact one of my earliest homemade CDs was called that, and contained nothing but covers. Over the past year or so, I have beenContinue Reading

This month sees my first CD sequel: The Low Calorie Valentine 2 01 ABBA – Take A Chance On Me02 Anna Nalick – Forever Love (Digame)03 Divine Comedy – Love is Lighter Than Air04 Sweet – Love is Like Oxygen05 Jessica Fletchers – Bloody Seventies Love06 Emiliana Torrini – IContinue Reading

This month I created an unofficial soundtrack to the Showtime TV Series Weeds. 01 Malvina Reynolds – Little Boxes02 Nellie McKay – David03 Peggy Lee – A Doodlin’ Song04 The Black Seeds – Tuk Tuk04 Rilo Kiley – With Arms Outstretched06 David Allen Coe – Don’t Bite the Dick07 SufjanContinue Reading