Current status: Last aired 1993

ITC/Carlton 1975-1977

“? Moonbase Alpha ? Massive Nuclear Explosion ? Moon torn out of Earth orbit ? Hurled into Outer Space ? Red Alert! ‘ Space 1999 is a science fiction television masterpiece.

In the first episode of the series the adventure begins when Moon Base Alpha is blasted into the farthest reaches of uncharted space by a cataclysmic nuclear accident. It hurtles the moon and all of its inhabitants into a time-warp light years away from Earth. Commander John Koenig, played by Emmy Award winner Martin Landau, and his crew encounter alien races and face dangers previously unknown to man as they try desperately to navigate time and space to find their way home.

In the second half of the series Commander Koenig and his team are based in a gigantic underground complex located on a planet in the far flung reaches of space. The stunning visuals captivate and transport the viewer into another dimension.

Space 1999 is one of television’s most influential and hugely popular works of live-action science fiction. Among its guest stars are such luminaries as Joan Collins, Leo McKern, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.

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