Money, Money, Money…

I can’t believe that I missed this story over the past year, but the US Government has finally decided to put some color into it’s money. They’re starting off with a peach $20. So now the phrase “Give me a peach, I’m hungry” could mean that you want the fruit or that you want $20 to go get something to eat. This is intersting news, in that three days ago I was complaining about the dull look of our currency. If only I had known.

This isn’t the first time a colour other than green was used. I, myself, have a 1963 $2 bill with a red seal on it. Though in the early twentieth-century, there was a $20 note with yellow, red and green (apparenly referred to as the Technicolor Note…)

Still speaking money, I was surprised to read that the Sacagawea coin isn’t used as much. Then again, they didn’t discontinue use of the $1 bill – so what did you expect. It’s lighter than a Maggie (the British Pound coin, named after the former PM because it was large, brassy and not worth much…) and doesn’t look like a quarter, but still it was not widely embraced. Others have managed to move away from the single-monitary-unit-note and convert to coins, but apparently we can’t.