dVillage.org has now been converted to its third blogging system. When I first launched this site I used MoveableType, which was a page based blog. Then I decided to move over to Joomla, a database based content management system. I really haven’t been paying too much attention to this site,Continue Reading

I thought I should tidy things up a bit.  The front page only has the latest articles form most of the bLog sections.  I’ve also added in two more bLog sections: Memes and Politics and Religion (both found in the Web Logs menu in the main menu.) I might evenContinue Reading

This is really because I have some friends that have these LJ thingies, and I can see all (or most) of their postings this way.  I’ve got my own site, where I do my bLogging – and that’s here at DVillage, which I’ve had for a few years.  So I’mContinue Reading

Old content for DVillage is being removed form the server and slowly integrated back into the new site.  If you came here looking for something that’s disappeared – that’s why.  I’ll try to get it back up online.Continue Reading

I had disabled the comments feature a while back because the site was getting spammed. I figured it was now time to reopen that capability, so feel free to comment on my insignificant little corner of the web. Registered users can submit stories if you want to… Also, I replacedContinue Reading

If you are a regular visitor to DVillage, you will have noticed the significant change to the design of the site – it’s inverted! The previous theme that I had used (and modified) isn’t as friendly with the latest version of the software… Also, a botched upgrade to Media GalleryContinue Reading

Just in… Amazon webstore at DVillage. It’s not like a Starbucks opening up on this corner of the internet, but it’s not far off. Nope, it’s going to be a grouping of things that I like – and I hope that you might like as well. If you do likeContinue Reading