And the award goes to…

Some days I love to just hand out awards to people. Ok… I don’t actually have that power, but if I did I’d certainly award Les for his signatures on his post on the newsgroup entitled “Sci Fi… Childish?” There were two of them in his post:

1) “Oh Bother!” said the Borg, “We’ve assimilated Pooh!”

Ok, that one got me. If I’d been drinking something, my monitor would have to be cleaned…

2) “That’s 10 times I’ve explained binary to you. I won’t tell you a 3rd time!”

Ah, humor d’Geek… An old but reliable net standby.

Myself, I tend to use actual quotes. It saves on imagination, but helps on spreading the word about films, TV and Radio programs that I like. One quote that I’ve been using a lot is from the new series “Dead Like Me” (you can go to my web site then click on >other TV >drama >Dead Like Me for some info on the series):

“Bad people are punished by society’s laws. And good people… are punished by Murphy’s Law”

but I still manage to get out some of the older ones too:

“…a brain like Einstein… Dead since 1955…” (From the series “Glass” with the late John Thaw)

and a personal favorite:

“I name this academic discipline ‘Derek Clittole’!” “Doctor, you’ve given science a bad name!” (Dan Friedman and Nick Romero’s “40 Night’s in the Wildebeest”.)

Since I work in Television, I tend to see mostly advertisements for upcoming programs in people’s sig-files (“Tune it to WXYZ for the big event of the fall – Snail Racing!!!”) so I get kind of jazzed by interesting sig-files…

To paraphrase a credit card commercial: “What’s in your sig-file?”