First off, I have to disclaim that I didn’t bother watching the US version of Life on Mars.  I saw a clip of it, and it made me cringe.  I’ve seen the original (even did a review here) and the clip was a near shot for shot remake of theContinue Reading

Ok, I kind of have a vested interest in this recent ruling regarding the FCC’s fining of Viacom for the wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl half time show (being in the broadcasting industry, as it were.)  The court decided that the FCC had not warned broadcasters of aContinue Reading

Now that all the awards have been given out, I suppose it is time for me to review this year’s awards. First off, as I mentioned when the nominations came out, I had seen very few of the nominees (four, plus two more after the nominations.) Last year I hadContinue Reading

Ok… This new science fiction comedy from the BBC looks great on paper: Written by Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley (both have done Black Books and Big Train, and Andy has done the wonderfully twisted “Book of Bunny Suicides” books.) It stars Nick Frost (Spaced and Shaun of the Dead)Continue Reading

DCI Sam Tyler is pursuing a murder case and has just lost his chief suspect. His partner (and girlfriend) Maya Roy goes off on a hunch, and is abducted. Sam, after visiting the scene of the abduction, drives off in an emotional state and nearly has an accident. While recoveringContinue Reading

In my world the regular television season is over (I’m sure there’s other shows on for the next week, but I don’t watch those…) With Friends and Frasier the ends, no matter how surprised many people seemed to be, were predictable. The season enders of most of my regular programsContinue Reading

First out of the gate is the Friends finale. Staring off with a clip show (to end all clip shows? – but that’s what they said about the first world war…) then the big finale – plus endless hours of “news” programs and the Tonight show (I’m surprised they weren’tContinue Reading