I conclude series 21 tonight at 6:00 PM PDT with the Twin Dilemma (episodic version.) This has to be the worst debut of a new Doctor in the series so far. In Kinda we learn that evil cannot look at it’s own reflection, and during one manic post-regenerative episode theContinue Reading

The marathon resumes this evening at 7:20 PM PDT with Planet of Fire (movie version.) Out with the old and in with the new – companion that is. It’s interesting how memory has Peri as a whiny little brat, but in reviewing her debut it’s interesting to note what aContinue Reading

A quick little one off entry for the marathon tonight at 9:00 PM PDT with Resurrection of the Daleks (movie version.) Some interesting casting (Rula Lenska & Rodney Bewes), some interesting plot elements, but the big downer for me was – and this should not be a shock to anyoneContinue Reading

The marathon continues today at 10:40 AM PDT with Terminus (episodic version.) The second chapter in the Black Guardian’s saga to kill the Doctor also sees the departure of Nyssa (and her clothes…) There are some interesting characters, but also some bad acting (and staging.) Sometimes I’m glad that “shortContinue Reading

My 40th anniversary marathon of Doctor Who finally resumes at 12:40 PM PST with The Visitation (episodic version.) Not really as bad as I remembered it, though I must admit that it has been well over a decade since I bothered to watch it last. An alien crash lands inContinue Reading

All rested from my trip to Gallifrey (the convention) I now resume my 40th Anniversary Doctor Who marathon at 7:30 PM PST with Castrovalva (episodic version.) Davison’s debut as the Doctor is an interesting tale, but a bit too complex (or to use a nifty phrase from the program “ambientContinue Reading

In an attempt to finish off the final two stories of Tom Baker, I resume my marathon tonight at 6:16 PM PST with his penultimate adventure the Keeper of Traken (commercial episodic version.) It’s a good – but not great – story. Does its job of setting up the endContinue Reading

Resuming the marathon today at 6:00 PM PST with State of Decay (commercial episodic version.) Terrance Dicks finally gets to do the vampire story that was originally intended to have happened while Leela was still around. Nice addition to Time Lord mythology, having battled against the great vampires in theContinue Reading

Continuing the marathon of Doctor Who stories today at 2:50 PM PST with Full Circle (Commercial Episodic Version.) The first of several story arc’s that John Nathan-Turner used during Doctor Who, this one finds the TARDIS slipping into the exo-space time continuum (or e-space.) Where in they land on theContinue Reading

The marathon continues tonight at 5:50 PM with the beginning of the John Nathan-Turner era and the Leisure Hive (episodic version.) An impressive start to the 18th series of Doctor Who. A new look, a new sound, an over all feel to the series. You can tell some one elseContinue Reading