On the Occasion (part 39)

The marathon continues today at 10:40 AM PDT with Terminus (episodic version.) The second chapter in the Black Guardian’s saga to kill the Doctor also sees the departure of Nyssa (and her clothes…) There are some interesting characters, but also some bad acting (and staging.) Sometimes I’m glad that “short term memory is always the first to go”… 2.5/5.

12:20 PM PDT Enlightenment (episodic version.) The conclusion to the Black Guardian trillogy finds our heroes involved in a race for enlightenment, and a deadly race at that… Turlough finally proves himself a worthy member of the TARDIS crew, with his prior contract finally terminated. Captain Wrack provides to be an enjoyable menace for all. 3.5/5.

2:00 PM PDT King’s Demons (episodic version.) A fun diversion, and just the right length for “yet another Master” story… They could have done a nifty little historical story, but instead has the Master interfere with English history. 3.5/5 (would have been lower if they had dragged it out, and possibly higher had they been brave to do a historical!)

3:00 PM PDT The Five Doctors (original movie version.) Good lord, has it really been over twenty years since this was first broadcast (worldwide, I should add…)? Ok, I’ll admit that it’s basically fan-fluff: Let’s get a little bit of everyone and everything from the past 20 years into 90 minutes worth of story. Full of fun and excitement, but don’t look too deep. 4/5 for effort…

4:40 PM PDT Warriors of the Deep (episodic version.) The return of the Silurians and the Sea Devils were very much wasted in this plodding opener for the 21st series. Apparently the production team was not content on bringing everyone back for just the 20th anniversary, but the reptilian masters of an old Earth just don’t do it for me this time. 2/5.

6:30 PM PST The Awakening (movie version.) An intriguing little two-part story, about a historical reenactment that’s gone a bit too far. So far, in fact, that it’s powering an alien force. Of course our heroes just came for a little visit, but they never seem to get the chance to rest. Fun all around, though the Malice in the church is a bit silly looking… 3.5/5.

8:00 PM PDT Frontios (movie version.) One of my favorite stories, doing what the series is great for – being inventive! The last of the human race – on the brink of extinction – being terrorized by creatures under the ground. The Doctor, for a change, not wanting to get involved – but is propelled into action by forces beyond his control. Somehow has the feel of a classic first Doctor story. 4/5.

I suppose that will be it for today. Possibly more during the week.