On the Occasion (part 42)

I conclude series 21 tonight at 6:00 PM PDT with the Twin Dilemma (episodic version.) This has to be the worst debut of a new Doctor in the series so far. In Kinda we learn that evil cannot look at it’s own reflection, and during one manic post-regenerative episode the Doctor could not gaze upon himself. So we have now finally seen an evil Doctor. The Doctor may not be really evil, but he is really annoying (rude, arrogant, &c…). Peri, who has previously shown her self to be a really strong character, is reduced to the whiney brat that I remember (I again say that she and Davison should have had more time together.) If only the Doctor were to have become less annoying by the end of the episode, but apparently this is what he will be like. 2/5.

The 22nd series is up next, but I am not sure when that will be (possibly the weekend.)