On the Occasion (part 35)

Resuming the marathon today at 6:00 PM PST with State of Decay (commercial episodic version.) Terrance Dicks finally gets to do the vampire story that was originally intended to have happened while Leela was still around. Nice addition to Time Lord mythology, having battled against the great vampires in the young days of Rassilon. Very well put together (sets, costumes, &c…) 4/5.

7:50 PM PST Warriors’ Gate (commercial episodic version.) A neat little story set literally nowhere (the junction of e & n space.) Humans are trafficking in time-sensitive creatures, and they are stuck in this void when the TARDIS arrives. The effects for this one work particularly fell (had they been attempted a couple of years previously, it would have looked horrible.) Seemingly a bit of a rushed departure for Romana, though she laid a few hints… 3.5/5.

That’s all for tonight (hoping to finish the 18th series in the next couple of days.)