On the road again…

Dexter is back on the road, after a brief battle with the ignition system. I thought I was being clever and inspecting the condition of Dexter’s ignition wires, but one of them was so corroded that the contacts remained in the distributor cap. This happened Sunday morning. Parts ordered Monday morning, fixed Tuesday evening.
Now there is something funny going on with the electrical. Suddenly the front turn indicators are working again (YAY!) but when I accelerate, the sound on the radio dies out (the radio is still playing, judging by the meter activity…)

So, not only do I have to deal with the “Prince of Darkness” (AKA Lucas Electrics), I also get to deal with the “Prince of Silence”?

[Here is a little bit of humor]

  • Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone.
  • Thomas Edison invented the Light Bulb.
  • Joseph Lucas invented the Short Circuit.