Dexter is sick again. This time it’s his electrical system. It first started Friday night when the horn wouldn’t work. Then on Saturday the turn indicators and the brake lamps wouldn’t activate (though the brake lamps did work as running lights with the headlights on.) On Sunday, there was moreContinue Reading

Dexter’s brake surgery went well, though it went a bit longer than expected. Now he’s up and running – and stopping! Funny thing happened while driving about this evening: My parents, who had yet to actually meet Dexter, were on the opposite side of an intersection from us making aContinue Reading

I knew that Dexter was going to require some attention upon arrival (as all new arrivals do…) but I wasn’t expecting to have to do major work to the bake system quite so soon. This is one of the hazards of acquiring pre-owned – or, in this case, classic –Continue Reading

Named Dexter. Weight 715kg1340 mm tall and 3054 mm longHe’s a red head, with white streaks. Arrived in my world this morning at about 8 AM. Oh, and Dexter is right handed… Ok… To be fair Dexter is alrady 34 some-odd-years old, hails from England, and has been in theContinue Reading