Time Has Passed…

Quite of bit of time, in fact! Dexter has had a lot going on, so let me fill you in on some of the highlights.
June 25: Dexter’s longest trip to date (approximately 100 miles round trip!) It included nice twisty-turney mountainous roads. Lots of fun, and Dexter is also nimble!

June 26: 2nd, 4th and reverse became unattainable. So some minor surgery was performed to allow the shifter to be placed down to engage those gears.

July 3: Speedometer cable breaks off, and ignition light remains on.

July 8: Battery finally goes flat (solid ignition light means dynamo is failing, therefore battery’s not being charged.)

July 9: Dexter is towed to my parents house where the dynamo, speedometer cable, and boot-lid support cables are replaced.

Here’s pictures of Dexter’s tow truck ride:

By the way, Dexter appears to get between 20 and 30 miles to the gallon…