On the Occasion (part 32)

My 40th anniversary Doctor Who marathon continues today at 2:45 PM PST Nightmare of Eden (commercial episodic version.) I’ve always enjoyed this story, and even years later it still holds up. A couple of ships locked together, monsters running amuck, and drug smuggling… 3.5/5

4:20 PM PST Horns of Nimon (commercial episodic version.) This is one of those stories that people love to hate. It’s cheesy, and over (and sometimes badly) acted – but that’s the charm of this one. Fun to see Graham Crowden (who was on the short list to replace Jon Pertwee!) hamming it up. 3/5.

After a brief break, I attempt to do the nearly impossible at 6:40 PM PST by watching Shada (video release.) The un-aired story of Doctor Who, as it was never completed due to industrial action at the BBC. Douglas Adams’ last contribution to the series, which he would later reclaim ideas for his first Dirk Gently novel. 3/5 (though it would have been 4.5 or 5/5 if it had been finished.) The BBCi webcast of the story starring Paul McGann as the Doctor was very well done, and deserves a 5/5.

This concludes the 17th series of Doctor Who. Great changes are in store for the continuation of the marathon – but that will be later…