On the Occasion (part 31)

My, it has been a while – but the Doctor Who marathon continues today at 12:00 PM PST with Destiny of the Daleks (episodic version.) This story kicks off one of the silliest series of Doctor Who (must be the influence of the new script editor – Douglas Adams…) The Daleks are excavating the old Kaled city for their creator – Davros. It appears that they want his help to get out of a stalemate with the Movellans – another race of robots. I think that coming back for Davros really is the “death” of the Daleks. From this point on the Daleks will always be second bananas, and Davros will continually increase in demented silliness. 3/5 (could have been higher without Davros, but probably would have been a rehash of Evil of the Daleks…)

1:45 PM PST City of Death (commercial episodic version.) One of my all time favorite stories – it blends the right amount of humor, time travel, art heists, thumping, and Paris. The second story written by Douglas Adams (under a staff pseudonym) sees the return of Julian Glover to the series as an alien splintered into connected beings throughout the history of mankind, and also features Catherine Schell with full eyebrows, and Tom Chadbon thumping about as Duggan. I wonder would the following episodes would have been like if Duggan stayed with the Doctor and Romana… 5/5.

3:15 PM PST Creature from the Pit (commercial episodic version.) Always thought this one to be quite silly, but after not having seen it for a while I found it quite entertaining (and still silly…) Definitely a lesson in negotiating with the right people, or else you might be thrown down a pit and forced to go off you vegetarian diet! 3.5/5.

Well that’s about all I have time for today. Perhaps I may get to more tomorrow.