The B**b Seen Across the World

It’s been talked to death for the past couple of days, and now for my $0.02 worth of web-space on the “wardrobe failure” incident of the Super Bowl. First off, I didn’t watch the event (just look at the TV Corner bLog – I was watching Doctor Who…) but with all the flap over the incident it was inevitable that I would actually see the actual clip (both censored and uncensored…)

First off: “Who knew what and when.” From all the reports “the act” (as I will refer to it here) was apparently never in any of the rehearsals, or at least none of the ones the CBS “brass” attended. To be quite honest, I don’t think it was done at any of the rehearsals with the TV crew either. The amount of time between exposure and cutting to a long shot seemed like appropriate reaction time for the director and TD to go “Oh, sh*t! Take camera 2!” (or whatever camera they went to…) Obviously Janet and Justin planned this, and while there is some contradiction in their statements I believe they intended for the top layer of the wardrobe to come off – except that Justin apparently took off more than he should have (hence the “wardrobe failure” statement.) The MTV people may have known, and from cached bits of their web site they probably knew of what was probably intended (something “shocking”.)

Second: “What was seen.” Well, duh! Janet’s right breast with a “sunburst” medallion pierced though the nipple. You could hardly see it anyways, and the part that people usually get uptight about is the nipple (don’t ask why a nipple-less breast is ok) is obscured by the piercing. I mean Li’l Kim shows up at the Grammys with one breast hanging out with a pasty on (I watch too much VH1) *and* Diana Ross giving a it good shake during the televised ceremony! I don’t recall that making a stir – probably that whole nipple thing again.

Third: “What about the children!” First off, you condone children watching such a violent sport as football and you’re worried about a second or two of natural body parts – sheesh, get your priorities straight! That’s the problem with the United States, we were founded on a principal of violence and conquest, and it continues even today. Violence is celebrated, but show a body part or (heaven forbid) two people “loving” each other then the whole country is in a tizzy. Everyone has breasts and nipples – get over it. If you are afraid that your child is going to see a breast accidentally then you are going to have to lock them up with no TV, radio, or any other contact with the outside world. Just like the so-called “bad” words, your kids will be exposed to these sorts of things.

Final: “Who to blame?” I’d like to nominate the puritans who settled in this country, but only their descendants survive – so that’s out. Janet and Justin really should shoulder the blame. They are the only ones that can be proved committed “the act”, CBS was put in the unfortunate position of having broadcast it. I suppose there will never be a truly live event ever again – the five-second delay will now reign supreme.

So that’s my $0.02, would you care to put in yours?