This Just In (Or Soon to Be Out…)

Quark is coming to DVD!!!

I remember watching this silly Sci-Fi show back in the 70s, at the height of Star Wars mania (actually the pilot was aired before Star Wars came out) came the adventures of Adam Quark (most likely a pun for Atom Quark…) and his crew of misfits – the logical alien plant/animal named Ficus, the gender challenged Gene/Jean, the Betty clones, and Andy the Android.

Created by Buck Henry, who was one of the co-conspirators behind the highly popular Get Smart, this sereis only managed to last 8 episodes.  For many years, collectors traded videos (sometimes many generations down) just to watch these episodes. Sometime in the 90s the Sci-Fi channel repeated the episodes, but some how the series still failed to get any release on video or later on DVD.

The really funny thing is that in the next issue of Raspberry World, I had contributed to an article of what DVDs I like to see released in the US.  Number one on my list was Quark, and now it’s coming out.  Oddly enough, I was also going to include Birds of Prey as well – and that was released as I was putting together the article (though it didn’t take 30 years to come out…)