Hello and welcome to California…

First a couple of jokes about California: 1: California is like a bowl of granola. What aint fruits or nuts are flakes (an oldie but a goodie.)

2: It’s rumored that Ariana Huffington will be running for Governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s typical California- a Greek woman running against an Austrian man in a state where the majority speaks Spanish! (Topical, by Jay Leno)

Now that California is the second state ever to go forth with a Gubernatorial recall, maybe it’s time to look far another political party. I came across this one the other day The Thermodynamic Law Party. I guess the best way to sum it up is basing political decisions on fundamental laws of science. But then again, this guy’s site also is the home of the Republic of Cascadia – the seceding of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia into it’s own country. Something that many Californians have wanted to do for years. At least they’d have Microsoft and Starbucks for an economy.

Now if you think that’s silly, then you haven’t been listening to all those reporters putting forth the thought that Schwarzenegger will go from Governor to President. Now the last time I was told about the rules governing who could be president (and that was in High School) you actually had to have been born in the United States (not just a citizen.) So if you’re hoping for the Terminator in the White House – well, you’d better just remember Civics 101. BTW: Arnie was narrowly defeated by Bugs Bunny on VH1’s top 200 Pop Icons (but perennial write in candidate Charlie Brown was further down the list…)

Well, now that the recall is going to the polls in October it’s time to remind all Californians to go out and vote – unless (I suspect) the State can’t pass a budget in time. As I said before: Welcome to California.