Been busy with a project, plus I wasn’t feeling too good from the heat, so I didn’t ride today. I suspect that this coming week will be more no ride days than not… Total Miles: 0.0Spent: $0.00Continue Reading

Rode back out to San Pedro Square, where on Wednesday’s they run a movie in the middle of the road.  First I had dinner: Salmon on a bed of risotto, plus a lemonade, at the Sonoma Chicken Coop. It’s not as inexpensive as I was led to belive, but theContinue Reading

Late evening ride to dinner, this time taking me back to the Foster’s Freeze, where I had a double bacon cheese burger with a strawberry/banana milk shake. Probably not a long enough ride to compensate for that one ;o) Total miles: 2.4Spent: $6.85Continue Reading

Well… Maybe not. I did however bike to the local Foster Freeze this evening. I had not set out to go anywhere in particular, but after filling my tires (it makes a difference…) I made the decision to turn up 4th street. After that, I thought that I might goContinue Reading

Well, not really. I did however go to the San Jose Municipal Golf Course for lunch. I had a sandwich (not as ordered) a root beer (flat, and not filled all the way) and chips (complementary.) I probably will not be going back anytime soon. Total Miles: 0.6 (though that’sContinue Reading