Today I rode to the cinemas, to see the film Napoleon Dynamite. The cinemas are a nice 1.4 mile ride each way, and at 9:00 PM it’s a nice ride. The movie was at 9:45 PM, but nothing else was open – so dinner consisted of a cinema dog andContinue Reading

Since I had to take my car to the shop, I did the thing I had intended to do with my bike – ride it to work. This is a 2.5 mile journey each way, though I only did it one way (had someone drive me to my car toContinue Reading

Packed my bicycle into my car and took it to work today. For lunch I rode a whopping half a mile each way, though doing it at high noon made it a little bit harder. For lunch I ate at Togo’s, and had a six-inch #16 (aka: The Italian…) withContinue Reading

For my first ride I chose to go out to dinner. I picked the Old Spaghetti Factory for my destination, because the past weekend I was in San Diego (nearly 600 miles from home) and almost went to the Old Spaghetti Factory there. My comment was that I felt funnyContinue Reading