On the Occasion (part 6)

The marathon continues… 8:50 AM PST The Krotons (movie version.) This was my first full Troughton story, and I still consider it a favorite. And why not… It’s Robert Holmes’ first story for the series. It also features Philip Madoc in his first role for the series (though he was in the second Dalek movie…) The Krotons themselves seem a bit silly at times, but that’s all part of the fun of Doctor Who. 3.5/5

10:45 AM PST The Seeds of Death (movie version.) Good second outing for the Ice Warriors. This time they are more menacing, and have a plan to conquer the earth. I can’t wait to see the DVD of this one. For a six-parter, there doesn’t seem to be any padding. 4/5.

The Space Pirates, which would have followed, is the last of the missing stories of Doctor Who. This may be a good thing, as most people seem to recall it as being an inferior story.

2:20 PM PST The War Games (movie version.) The mother of all Troughton stories. This ten episode epic is the story that finally told us where the Doctor came from. But first, we must deal with the issue of all these different wars going on and stop the aliens behind it. Despite it’s length, it doesn’t have as much padding as one would come to expect. Though I must say that the home of the Time Lords is rather minimalist in it’s design. Great to see Philip Madoc from the Krotons again this series (indeed Bernard Horsefall, who was also in the Mind Robber.) 4/5.

Despite the original concept for the marathon, I’ve decided to continue on with the Jon Pertwee serials…

6:30 PM PST Spearhead from Space (DVD.) The quality of the DVD is marvelous. If you’ve only seen the old syndication print, then get thee to a store and buy this one (link to Amazon. An excellent introduction to the third Doctor, his exile on Earth in place from the Time Lords; Another wonderful script by Robert Holmes; and the return of UNIT. Despite the production troubles, this story is well executed and – with all of the location filming – realistic. 4/5.

I will not have time tonight to get through Doctor Who and the Silurians, though I may get to it tomorrow.