On the Occasion (part 5)

My Doctor Who marathon finally resumes today (a week after it started…) 6:10 PM PST The Dominators (movie version.) This has never been my favorite Troughton story, though it’s better than some of the worst Hartnell stories. I think it was more a perception on my part based on the “B-movie” feel that I always had watching it. However, it is worth popping this story in every now and again – but do try to avoid the movie version. 3/5

8:05 PM PST The Mind Robber (movie version.) This story has always been a favorite of mine. Just as Planet of Giants allowed our travellers to journey to another aspect of the real world, this story allows them to travel to another dimention where they arrive in a land of fiction. This story is very hit and myth (sorry, I couldn’t resist…) 4.5/5 (slight deduction for a fairly hasty ending.)

The following story would have been The Invasion, which I recently watched the reconstruction. This is one of my favorite stories – not just of the second Doctor’s era, but of all of Doctor Who. The cybermen, lead by a power hungry human (Tobias Vaughn, a Bill Gates of his time) stage an invasion of the Earth. The Doctor, helped by the recently assembled UNIT (lead by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart) combat Vaughn and the cybermen. A clear example of what I commented on before, Troughton era cybermen stories are just brilliant, and for an eight-part story this one doesn’t suffer from over padding. 5/5.

This is it for the evening. I will continue with my marathon tomorrow…