On the Occasion (part 24)

My marathon continues this afternoon at 1:15 PM PST with Android Invasion (episodic version.) Possibly the last good script for the series by Terry Nation (though this is based on my memory of Destiny of the Daleks.) It’s an Invasion of the Body Snatchers sort of story, except that the doubles are androids. It’s a very well paced story, with decent effects. The downside is the Krall masks that don’t seem to move with the actor’s faces. 3.5/5.

2:30 PM PST The Brain of Morbius (episodic da Silva version.) Continuing in form with the rest of this series, this story takes it roots from Frankenstein and also provides more Time Lord mythology. It is wonderfully realized, with an excellent cast – featuring the return of Philip Madoc as Solon, the Dr. Frankenstein of the piece – good sets and minimal use of effects. 5/5

5:50 PM PST Seeds of Doom (episodic version.) This is one that I haven’t seen in quite a long time. It’s a bit of the Thing, Day of the Triffids and Little Shop of Horrors. This six-part story is nicely broken down into three acts, so that it’s not stretching the story thin. The first act is the discovery and the theft of the pods; the second is a bit of espionage; and the third it the true horror story – trapped in a house, battling the homicidal plants. This story is also the last UNIT story (though Android Invasion was the last time we saw any of the regular UNIT gang!) and makes for an explosive conclusion to a chilling series of horror stories. 4/5.

I think that will be it for today. I will resume with the start of the 14th series this week (maybe even tomorrow…)