The Second Ride

Packed my bicycle into my car and took it to work today. For lunch I rode a whopping half a mile each way, though doing it at high noon made it a little bit harder. For lunch I ate at Togo’s, and had a six-inch #16 (aka: The Italian…) with a large root beer. A very uneventful ride, with very little to talk about.

However, I had a second unplanned ride today. My car has been having starter problems since April. Mostly consisting of taking several minutes of trying to actually get it to start. Oddly in the past week it has been starting in about three tries. Tonight: 45 minutes of trying, before calling in AAA to tow me to a garage. Luckily I had a new starter in the car (four people have tried to install it, but couldn’t get the old one off!) so I won’t have to pay for that.

Unfortunately it was after hours for the mechanic, but fortunately I had my bike still in the car. So I added another mile to my day.

Total Miles: 2.0
Spent: $6.36