What’s your Radio DJ personality?

I just took the “What’s your Radio DJ personality?” test at Tickle.com. Here is my result. I must say I was quite pleased.

“DPrisoner, your radio DJ personality is John Peel!”

“Some people have a maturity beyond their years, while others are able to take years off their maturity. Just like the sorely missed cult icon of Radio 1, we feel that you are appreciated by people of all ages. We can detect an easy kind of maturity that allows you to be at ease with most types of social situations. After all, it’s not always how loud you play your music, but the type of music you play. John introduced new and challenging music to generations of listeners and we think you share his open minded approach. This may not include John’s eclectic taste in music or even your neighbour’s strange sexual practises; we just think that you like to make up your own mind about something before forming an opinion. After all, if we stayed in the mainstream of life all the time we would soon be washed out to the sea of mediocrity.”

I would never have compared myself to John Peel, but the type of radio environment that I worked in was more like Peel’s show. We were not afraid to play what we liked, and we certainly hoped that the listeners would agree.

Even though this is a silly little “personality test”, I felt the happiest with this result than with any of the other tests.

[By the way, I did not intend to have two John Peel articles in a row. It’s just the way life is sometimes…]