Week Two Begins

Rode back to San Pedro Square this evening, for a dinner and a movie. Still only 1.3 miles away, I decided this time to go to a restaurant called Peggy Sue’s where I had the “Porky Pig” (1/4 lb. burger with mild cheddar cheese and two strips of thick smoked bacon) and a strawberry and banana milk shake. After dinner, I walked out into the street and took a seat for the “San Pedro Cinema” experience. Tonight was the classic 1934 film The Thin Man with William Powell and the awfully scrummy Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles (what a wonderful couple…) But first was a short called The Morning Guy about this guy who is pretty much a morning radio personality without a radio station – and the wife who has to put up with it.

Again, the late evening ride home was pleasant…

Total Miles: 2.6
Spent: $9.50