Run Tru Run…

(…or I Hear Dead People on Groundhogs Day) Tru Calling

I suppose that I must start with the fact that I’m not one of those Buffy fanatics that loves Eliza Dushku and hoped for a Faith spin-off series. She’s ok, but not god’s gift to kick ass female characters on TV (he says awaiting a flood of hate mail…)

Tru saw her mother killed by an unknown man when she was a young girl. At the funeral she hears her mother, and wishes she could go back to help. Ten years later, and her first day working in the morgue, she hears another voice – this time a dead woman with a bullet through the neck who asks for help. When Tru wakes up the next morning, it’s the previous morning – and everything that happened before is happening again.

So, in a nut shell, Tru gets to help a dead person to not die – kind of the opposite of Dead Like Me. Tru Calling is a good concept, but spends too much time showing the lead running around (yes, so she ran track in college – but you don’t need to keep showing her running.) And those quick montages are going to get annoying fast, but the mid-point recap is interesting. It shows that they know people will be watching Friends but not necessarily the 8:30 program (a ploy that the WB used with Gilmore Girls a couple of years back.)

Basically, Tru Calling looks to be promising but could run into a “same-old, same-old” story line quickly. You can catch it on FOX Thursday nights at 8pm (7 central.) or – considering FOX’s past record – wait a couple weeks and watch it’s replacement series.

While I’m talking about FOX and former Buffy actors, D.B. Woodside is now on 24 (Tuesday’s at 9/8c). Just thought I’d let you know…