On the Occasion (part 27)

My Doctor Who marathon continues tonight at 6:40 PM PST with Horror of Fang Rock (episodic version.) This series starts out with your typical horror story: a group of people trapped in a solitary location with a monster. A very effective story, with alot of infighting and distrust to make it a little more complex. Though the Rutan itself is a little dissappointing. Leela no only gets a practical costume this time, but she get’s her eye color changed! 3.5/5

9:10 PM PST The Invisible Enemy (episodic version.) I have recently taken to bashing this story, but it has always been from memory – and the one thing that sticks out is the effects for the story (therefore, bad memories…) The story itself is good, and the concept of the virus is well thought. K-9, on the other hand, is a silly concept (and one that would grow on some nerves over time.) 3/5.

That’s all for today.