On the Occasion (part 20)

The marathon continues tonight at 6:40 PM PST with The Ark in Space (episodic version.) Originally it bewildered me as to why they picked this story to be a DVD release, but after this airing I was reminded at how good of a story it is. Even the effects and costuming isn’t as bad as I rememebred it. 4/5.

8:30 PM PST Sontaran Experiment (episodic version.) A perfect example of getting a story done with only the amount of episodes that it needs to be done in. Though the thought of the Sontarans not invading just because they don’t know enough about humans is a little bizarre, but why not. No wonder their war with the Rutans has never gotten very far – they’re too busy doing feasibility studies. 4/5.

More tomorrow…