On the Occasion (part 15)

The marathon continues tonight at 5:55 PM PST with The Time Monster (episodic version.) To quote Jo, it’s groovy! Again a story that I’ve heard maligned that isn’t as bad as others have made it out to be. OK, that bit at the end with the Master pleading was a bit much (well it had to happen, I guess.) It doesn’t suffer the padding of a six-parter, because it’s like two separate stories rolled into one. Though I kind of feel sorry for Benton, with the two women laughing at him at the end. 3.5/5.

8:35 PM PST The Three Doctors (episodic version.) The first time the series celebrated itself – and the first of the ever-popular multi-Doctor stories. Ingeniously conceived and wonderfully executed, this is the story of one of the first Time Lords (and quite a cry baby at that.) The Doctor is in peril as are the Time Lords, so they send past incarnations of the Doctor to help. It’s all quite fun, and a great start to the program’s tenth year. 5/5.

More tomorrow…