On the Occasion (part 13)

Took the day off yesterday so that I could get a copy of the Curse of Peladon which I now proceed to view at 8:20 PM PST (the episodic version.) Contrary to my previous comment (based on a vague recollection) this story might well be the highlight of Pertwee’s third series as the Doctor. This story is a very well crafted tale of deceit and intrigue. Peladon is a planet on the verge of making the transition from superstition to membership in the galactic federation. Though my dislike of Alpha Centauri still stands – quite possibly one of the most annoying characters to be seen in the program. 4/5

Well, since I got a late start on it tonight, I’m going to pack it in for tonight. Maybe tomorrow I’ll finish off the 9th series.