More season premieres: Ed

I’ve had a soft spot for this quirky drama since it first premiered. Unfortunately, I’ve missed a good deal of the past two seasons – including last years finale (well, they moved it and I managed to miss it…) Now it’s back where it belongs – Wednesday’s at 8:00 PM. Now that Ed and Carol are together, will it suffer from the post “will they or won’t they” situation. Things are awkward between the new couple, which isn’t unanticipated. It seems like it was going to resolve by the second half, but life is not so simple. The consumation, unfortunately, proves that the anticipation has created a seemingly unresolvable problem. Luckily, the same persistence that got them together in the first place fixes the situation.

All together, a satisfying opener. Next week: Carol moves in… That should be fun.

Tomorrow: Must See TV, and a half hour that I will be cringing – Coupling (I like the original BBC show…)