I’ve ignored this long enough…

I had hoped to actually write in this bLog thingy a bit more frequently. It started off reasonably well, but then I haven’t really given it much thought for the past few months. Possibly it’s because the world is pretty much the same (well, not really…) or I’m just too damn lazy (possibly hitting the nail squarely on the head.) I’ve managed to keep my “This Week” bLog going for over a year (if you count the pre-bLog months) so my day to day life is fairly well included in cyberspace. It’s my periodic thoughts that don’t go down in posterity, which may not be really all that bad. What is bad is putting something out there for people to read, but not following through with it. Therefore I will attempt to post an entry a week (well, this may be as useful as a Bridgette Jones New Years resolution – ok, that’s what’s on the telly right now…)

Now for some random bits of the Internet:

How about a silly little song about an important orifice: Piehole.

Perhaps I can entice you to watch some high quality animation (stick figures) with Paper Wars.

How about the last words of criminals before their execution.

Maybe you’d like to play with a balloon on a string or maybe with some balls (get your mind out of the gutter…)

How about Pi – to one million decimal places!

Well that was a bit of fun, wasn’t it? Maybe I’ll have some substance some day. Until then, My Cat Hates You.