And now a commercial break…

Every now and then a commercial comes along that makes you want to spit milk out of your nose (providing that you are actually drinking milk at the time.) Tonight I saw such an advertisement… A guy in the woods, standing by his rugged SUV, is talking about doing a spot of skydiving. Pulls the cord – nothing… Pulls the other cord – zip, nada, big fat donut… “And I ask myself, what would Jared do in this situation.”

Cut to Jared (from Subway) behind a desk with a banner overhead reading “Ask Jared” screaming his head off (several bursts to be precise.)

I laughed in a way that was reminiscent some of the giggle fits I used to get into with the old Late Night with David Letterman (you know, the old show over at NBC…) If I was drinking milk, it would have been streaming out of my nose. Luckily, I was between gulps of water.

Now this is a fairly simple commercial, but it was done effectively. It relies on the basic comic principle of location (because we all know that the secret of real estate is timing.) All right, I was kidding – the timing is just perfect. Unfortunately, this is a one-time deal.

Now that I’ve seen it once, I won’t be taken by surprise again. Which is sad, because I need a good laugh every now and then.