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In my world the regular television season is over (I'm sure there's other shows on for the next week, but I don't watch those...) With Friends and Frasier the ends, no matter how surprised many people seemed to be, were predictable. The season enders of most of my regular programs were good (except for ER - what's up with that!?!) Kind of upset that one of my other regulars was cancelled on a cliffhanger (I'm With Her.) Tonight I settled in on the WB, as the final Angel was going to be on. I ended up watching the season ender for Smallville and have to ask: What happened? This is what I get for not watching the show, but even so that was really bizarre...

Angel, on the other hand, ended in a blaze of glory - and a seemingly impossible cliffhanger (this was a great end, mind you.) Tied up some loose ends, destroyed a few sets, killed a few demons (vampires and nasty humans...) and brought an army of darkness to streets of LA - and that was in the last few minutes. The most upsetting thing was that the "Grr-arrgh" demon at the end didn't do anything different (not the death of a regular, oddly enough...) The funny thing was WB's little thank you for watching spot, especially as they are the one who axed the series in the first place...
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