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The marathon resumes this evening at 7:20 PM PDT with Planet of Fire (movie version.) Out with the old and in with the new - companion that is. It's interesting how memory has Peri as a whiny little brat, but in reviewing her debut it's interesting to note what a strong character she really is (and not just eye-candy!) It's also interesting to note that Turlough, who has pretty much shown no real heroic tendencies, turns out to be a hero - at least twice! A strong story, which was not even diminished by the presence of the Master. 4.5/5.

8:55 PM PDT Caves of Androzani (movie version.) I don't think there has been a Robert Holmes story yet that I haven't liked. They are always strong stories with rich characters. This one is no different, and they always say that if you're to end something - go out on top! Pretty much from the moment of their arrival until their departure from Androzani Minor, the Doctor and Peri are never given a moment to catch their (or our) breath. For those who knew that this was Davison's last story, the cliffhanger on episode one was probably even more nerve racking. I really wish that Peri had more history with this Doctor before his end. Oh, well... 5/5 (plus marks for not waiting for the last story to do the regeneration.)
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