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A quick little one off entry for the marathon tonight at 9:00 PM PDT with Resurrection of the Daleks (movie version.) Some interesting casting (Rula Lenska & Rodney Bewes), some interesting plot elements, but the big downer for me was - and this should not be a shock to anyone - the return of Davros. He should have only been in the one story - period, full stop, the end - but no, every Dalek story since he is trotted out as the savior of the Daleks. He is pathetic and more one-dimensional than the Daleks themselves. At least they started to slow down on Dalek stories (3 in ten years, and only 2 more left in 5 years.) 3/5 (again, could have been a much better story without Davros...)

Well, only time for the one story this evening.
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