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In an attempt to finish off the final two stories of Tom Baker, I resume my marathon tonight at 6:16 PM PST with his penultimate adventure the Keeper of Traken (commercial episodic version.) It's a good - but not great - story. Does its job of setting up the end of the fourth Doctor's era, with the re-introduction of the Master (as well as the introduction of Nyssa.) 3.5/5.

8:15 PM PST Logopolis (episodic version.) The final story for Tom Baker, finds the Doctor pitted against the Master - and the universe is falling apart around them! Entropy is the key theme in this story as the TARDIS, Logopolis and even the Doctor himself is falling apart. 4/5.

This concludes the Tom Baker portion of the marathon. If I were to do this properly, I'd be watching An Unearthly Child next (the 5 faces of Doctor Who repeat season that preceded the premiere of Castrovalva) but I won't. Coming up next, Peter Davison as the Doctor.
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