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The marathon continues this afternoon at 12:45 PM PST with Planet of Evil (episodic version.) A good start to Baker's sophmore series as the Doctor, finds our time travellers responding to a distress call on the edge of the known universe. This is the series of horror, and we start off with a sort of Forbidden Planet/Jeckyll & Hyde homage. Effective effects and studio work. A very good start to an overall excellent series. 4/5.

03:00 PM PST Pyramids of Mars (episodic version - first episode da Silva version.) One of the most revered stories of the fourth (or almost any) Doctor. Seems that the basis of Egyptian culture was based on aliens from a planet called Osiris. Well one of them has been a prisoner for quite a long time and is eager to get out an destroy everything. There's a little CSO work at the end that's a bit dodgy, but apart from that this story has everything going for it. It's also coming out on DVD soon, so be a good consumer and buy it! 5/5.

That's it for today...
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